About Nepal Tourists Vehicle Association (NTVA)

Nepal Tourists Vehicle Association (NTVA)

Nepal Tourists Vehicle Association (NTVA) has contributed remarkably to make Nepalese Tourism Industry a meaningful one from the economic viewpoint. This Association has been, ever since its establishment, relentlessly endeavoring to promote and develop the national tourism besides protecting the professional interest of tourist transporters and entrepreneurs. NTVA was set up in the year 2060 B.S. (2004 AD) with the spontaneous effort of the transporters/vehicle owners involved in providing vehicles to the valuable visitors to this country to facilitate their movement within the country. Currently, there are 65 vehicle companies who have joined this association. But because of the absence of long-term planning and farsightedness at the state level, tourist vehicle sector has, directly or indirectly facing quite a number of problems. Not that the vehicle entrepreneurs have kept quiet without putting up their efforts to solve those problems but NTVA's programs to consolidate itself and implement the formulated programs are yet to show desired effectiveness and consequences.

The role of tourist transport/ vehicles is obviously very important to cater to the vehicle needs of the tourists right from the airport (TIA) the gateway of their access into the country to all other destinations their itineraries bring forth. And this continues until their departure to their own homeland. Similarly, the importance of the role of Drivers and their Co-workers in the vehicle too cannot be underestimated at all in the context of providing standard and quality services to our valued visitors and other clients belonging to the fraternity. This alone, we believe, will help to establish the identity of Tourist Vehicles in Service and help further to facilitate them with quality services.


Tourism is the economic backbone of the nation. Tourism Industry is inevitable for the overall development of Nepal. Without this industry, we cannot dream of a prosperous Nepal.

In simple words, tourism activity involves the movement of one (FIT) or the group from a certain place to another. It is where the need of the services of vehicles or transportation is felt. Transports can be either air transport or vehicular transport. Our transportation systems are less varied and more sensible when we compare them with the transportation systems of other developed nations due to many reasons including geographical, technical and economical. In addition to this, lack of appropriate transport policy and regulation has also posed stumbling blocks in the proper growth and development of our transport services. Nevertheless, the use of surface transportation is far more suitable compared to other means of available transportations.

As a matter of fact, the rein of the whole tourist vehicle sector is in the hands of private sector although one need not go to any remote country side to witness the inconsistencies ruling the tourist transports. We can easily point out the deficiencies prevailing in this sector if we seriously look into the services provided by tourist vehicles right from the arrival point, the airport until the final departure of the guests. The Drivers and their Co-workers are mostly responsible in managing the vehicular movements. As such, in NTVA, a strong conviction has evolved that reveals that the existing problems or inconsistencies that the tourists encounter while using the services of tourist vehicles can easily be eliminated if we train and properly manage the drivers and their co-workers.

We also believe that the tourist vehicle service sector would soon emerge as of the most professional service sector if everyone associated in this field do contribute readily and effectively.

Nepal teems with unique and exotic heritages. But these heritages have remained unharnessed. Every sector seems to be in a state of limbo. We, the tourist vehicle operators face innumerable problems of various nature mixed with tougher challenges while providing services to tourists during their stay and movements to different inland destinations.

 NTVA, however,  is committed to face any and all kinds of challenges to achieve its targeted goals and let the international visitors to this country feel that the services of NTVA are the Best and Safest and well up to the International marks of Standards.